Artist's Statement
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Artist's Statement

Bill Sorich has been producing metal art in his Santa Cruz Mountains studio for over 25 years.  His signature sculptures, gates and railings punctuate the scenic south bay rural roads.

Bill earned a degree in welding technology from the College of San Mateo in California, and then worked at Westinghouse Electric on the Fast Flux Test Facility.  From his experience in industry Bill developed his expertise in working with a variety of metals: copper, bronze, stainless steel, and wrought iron.  Bill's dream of having his own studio was quickly realized when he found 65 acres in a rugged canyon of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  There he built his studio and home using recycled iron beams and redwood from old water tanks.  From the beginning, Bill was a proponent of solar energy and his first solar arrays were purchased under President Jimmy Carter's solar tax credit.  More photovoltaic panels and a wind generator followed and today his shop is an environmental model of energy efficiency.  Friends have aptly dubbed his shop and home The Plywood Chateau.  It is no surprise that Bill was featured in the popular TV programs Bay Area Backroads and Weird Homes.

An avid birder and outdoorsman, Bill specializes in creating bird sculptures for the garden and home.  One can find an assortment of owls, hawks, wood-peckers and vultures around his own house and deck.  Bill and his partner Lisa enjoy entertaining guests with Bill grilling elk sausage on one of his animal barbecues.

Bill has completed commissioned work for many private homes in the San Francisco Bay area.  He also has work featured at Thomas Fogarty Winery, JS Bacchus Winery, and the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park where "John Wesley Owl" graces the atrium.  His work has been featured at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show and at Earth and Art at Runnymede farm.  His whale gate can be seen at Cowell Ranch Beach State Park in Half Moon Bay.

Bill Sorich is an active member of the California Blacksmith Association, and has had work published in the magazine California Blacksmith.

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